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ISO 22000 describes requirements for a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and sets out what requirements an organization must meet to demonstrate that it can control food safety hazards.

Unsafe food can have severe health consequences, so it is crucial for organizations in the food supply chain to take steps to ensure their processes and products are safe. Today, many food products cross national borders, highlighting the need for a global standard for food safety management. ISO 22000 meets this need by providing guidelines organizations can follow to help identify and control hazards related to food safety.

Types Of ISO Certification In Abuja

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    What is a Food Safety Management System (FSMS)?

    Although the primary concern regarding food safety is the presence of food safety hazards at the point of consumption, these hazards can occur at any point along the food chain. Because of this, it is crucial to have adequate controls in place throughout the food chain, and all the organizations involved must collaborate to ensure safety. 

    The primary elements of an FSMS, as described in ISO 22000 are:

    The standard also covers other principles, which are part of all ISO management system standards. These principles are

    What are the prerequisites to apply for the ISO 22000 certification in Abuja?

    When seeking compliance with ISO 22000, organizations in Abuja must establish prerequisite programs that aim to reduce the likelihood of contamination. Some of the areas the ISO 22000 identifies for organizations to consider when developing their prerequisite programs include:

    These are just some general prerequisites. There are also some other sector specific technical specifications for catering companies, retail food sector, food storage and transport services, animal feed manufacturers, food packaging services etc.

    Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification in Abuja

    ISO 22000 Implementation Process in Abuja

    Implementation of ISO 22000 in Abuja is procedural for ensuring food safety and quality within the food industry in the region.


    Gap Analysis and Initial Assessment
    Take stock of Abuja’s food industries’ current food safety systems to locate areas where they can improve, miss the point or fall short of ISO 22000 requirements. Get an idea of how much existing food safety measures there are, how many documents, training plans or danger prevention methodologies exist and make a master plan so that implementation phase can begin as per your gap analysis.
    Formation of Implementation Team


    Make a dedicated group or select specific individuals from each organization to oversee the application of ISO 22000. Ensure that all team members are well trained and understand what is required by ISO 22000, basic principles of food hygiene, risk assessment and critical control points (HACCP).
    Development of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
    Develop a complete Food Safety Management System (FSMS) that complies with the ISO 22000 guidelines and document it accordingly. These involve setting policies on clean habits such as rules, steps for action, job instructions for implementing safe practices around handling foods like sources tracking suppliers responding to issues performing in-house audits etc., developing procedures for identification hazards including regular checks among others


    Training and Awareness Programs
    Organize learning events and sensitize employees across all cadres, on safety measures in connection with food, cleanliness practices, HACCP guidelines, as well as ISO 22000 requirements. Furthermore, inform the employees on how they can maintain positive personal hygiene when dealing with food and let them report any accidents or mix-ups to their supervisors.


    Establish Control Measures
    Put in place protocols and verification techniques that will monitor vital control points. Keeping in mind that FSMS rules are being followed regularly check these points. If anything is wrong, correct it without delay. Outline the steps for managing food recalls including even removal of items from shelves; therefore this reduces risks thereby ensuring safety of people.


    Internal Audits and Management Review

    Regularly perform self-evaluations to determine how well the implemented FSMS is operating. Similarly we must observe ISO 22000 guidelines if we want to learn what could be improved upon within our system at large.Take a look at audit findings, changes made and top management reviews are some of the ways improving our FSMS.In addition deal with nonconformities or deviations promptly.


    Certification Process
    When the ISO 22000 Audit is finished well by an organization, the organization will be eligible for certification and it should be noted that this process will involve Certification body reviewing the implementation result and auditing report in order to give you a certification of appreciation in ISO 22000.


    Continuous Improvement and Maintenance
    To make your FSMS more efficient, check out numbers, performance measures, and customer feedback look at what’s happening in the industry. Update and improve related FSMS documents, training programs control actions methods as regulations change 2020 technological advancements occur2019and business practices evolve2022. Continue doing regular management check ins, audits within the organisation and external supervision audits to keep our ISO 22000 award and maintain food safety standards.


    By just employing a systematic approach while applying ISO 22000 enables Abuja based organizations to develop robust food safety management systems which not only build trust among consumers but also help them comply with legal requirements thus raising the bar on food industry standards of the region. 

    The price of getting certified for ISO 22000 in Abuja

    Estimates are determined by criteria such as organizational size, industry type and any other applicable iso standard. Use our cost estimator tool now!

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    PopularCert provides tools, advice, and examination services worldwide as a recognized leader. ISO advisers in Abuja specialize in a variety of fields, including executions, training, and audits. It is easy and fast to register for ISO 22000 Certification in Abuja with PopularCert. 

    This is a list of the requirements for ISO 22000 certification in Abuja

    There are seven main areas covered by the ISO 22000 Certification examination roster:


    Frequently Asked Questions about ISO 45001 Certification in Abuja with PopularCert

    As a result of ISO 45001 certification, workplace health and safety is addressed in a systematic manner, resulting in a safer workplace.

    It is common for food businesses, such as manufacturers, processors, and distributors, to seek ISO 22000 certification.

    Achieving ISO 22000 certification provides benefits such as food safety assurance, global market access, legal compliance, consumer trust, operational efficiency, competitive advantage, and continuous improvement.

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    There are a variety of factors that determine the cost, including ISO standards, the size of the organization, and the industry. On our website, you can get an instant estimate of the cost by using our free cost calculator.

    There are a variety of factors that determine the cost, including ISO standards, the size of the organization, and the industry. On our website, you can get an instant estimate of the cost by using our free cost calculator.

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