ISO certification in Kurdistan


Kurdistan is typically situated in the northern Iraq (also known as Southern Kurdistan), the 20th century brought about fleeting moments of the Kurdish city formation (1918-1919).

History of Iraq

Iraq, known officially as the Republic of Iraq is a West Asian country. It’s situated in the geopolitical Middle East region. Over 46 million people live here, making it the 30th most populous nation. It operates as a federal parliamentary republic with 18 governorates.

The nation is encircled by Turkey in the north, Iran in the east, the Persian Gulf and Kuwait in the southeast, Saudi Arabia in the south, Jordan in the southwest, and Syria in the west. Iraq’s capital, its biggest city, is Baghdad. Iraqi people come from all walks of life, including Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Assyrians, Armenians, Yazidis, Mandaeans, Persians, and Shabakis, mirroring its varied geography and wildlife.

It’s governed by a Federal parliamentary republic model; Abdul Latif Rashid serves as President and Prime Minister is Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani.

What is ISO?

ISO, short for International Standard, is a global body that was established on February 23rd, 1947. This organization, based in Geneva Switzerland, creates standards for businesses across the globe, it serves in 164 countries worldwide and it’s a standalone group with no ties to any government.

Types Of ISO Certification In Kurdistan

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    What are ISO certifications?

    The International Organization for Standardization gives out ISO certifications. These certifications are recognized globally they demonstrate a company’s commitment to achieving specific benchmarks these benchmarks are all about quality assurance, managing the environment, guaranteeing workers’ well-being and safety, overseeing energy, and more.

    Kurdistan follows ISO standards, boosting trust among potential investors and residents, it also cultivates continual growth, making it more functional.

    What fuels its growth? It’s Kurdistan’s devotion to excellence, validated by its ISO certifications. It adheres to international standards, enhancing its reputation and attracting investment this focus on quality inspires innovative, eco-friendly city projects.

    Utilizing ISO standards, Kurdistan impresses investors and future inhabitants boosting their confidence. By following these standards, the­ city always seeks improveme­nt for efficiency, staying competitive, Ultimately, it’s Kurdistan’s high-quality standards that empower it to rival global cities.

    Kurdistan's future shaping by embracing ISO certifications

    These certificates boost businesses in multiple fields like superior management, going green, secure workspace, and managing power use. Kurdistan thought of a unique idea to build a city that breaks the norm. They pledged right from the start to forging new standards, finding intelligent answers to current problems. All while keeping their eyes on the health of our world and improving individuals’ lives. Kurdistan, by sticking to these universally recognized rules, ensures its growth orbits around sustainability, effectiveness, and responsibility.

    The Role of ISO Certifications on Kurdistan’s Progress:

    When Kurdistan gets ISO certifications, it shows their firm commitment to excellence. This impacts Kurdistan positively, promoting their expansion known worldwide, such standards boost Kurdistan’s reputation, draw funds for future plans and inspire green city planning ideas. ISO certifications guide groups aiming for greatness in fields like quality handling, eco-duties, workplace safety, and energy use. Kurdistan uses these globally accepted rules to make sure their expansion is driven by responsible, efficient, and green methods.

    Popular Standards developed by ISO

    ISO 9001

    Best-known quality management standard.

    ISO 45001

    Occupational health and safety management.

    ISO 14001

    Environmental management standard.

    ISO 22000

    Food Safety management standard

    ISO 27001

    Information Security Management standard.

    ISO's role in Accreditation and Certification

    Obtaining an authorization aids assessment bodies to conduct evaluations and reward certification to businesses. A certificate indicates that a business adheres to certain criteria. 

    Consider international standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These are devised by ISO, but they don’t directly provide the approval certificates, that’s the job of outside assessment bodies. These approved certification bodies examine whether a business accurately follows ISO standards. The procedures involve preparations, internal audits, selecting a certification body, completing the assessment, and finally receiving the certificate, Regular evaluations help maintain these standards. Hence, certifications need to be periodically refreshed with new assessments.

    How to get ISO certified?


    STEP : 1
    Choosing the type of ISO Certification (ex ISO 9001quality management system, ISO 14001 Environmental Management system and so on)
    STEP : 2


    Choosing an authorized certificate body that is credible and recognized by IAF (International Accreditation forum)
    STEP : 3
    Choosing CB’s that are reputed and experienced to provide certificate in specific type of industry.


    STEP : 4
    Create an application a contract that includes liability issues, confidentiality and access rights.


    STEP : 5
    Document review to identify the possible gaps against the requirements specified in the ISO standards.


    STEP : 6

    Prepare action plan to eliminate if gaps found.


    STEP : 7
    Completing ISO certification after all compliances are addressed and all the findings are put in audit report, the CB will grant the ISO certification.


    Wondering what's the deal with ISO certifications?

    Think of them as green ribbons for businesses, they celebrate a company’s strengths. Maybe it’s producing excellent products or using eco-friendly procedures or ensuring workplace safety and efficient energy use.

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) awards these shiny badges. It’s a respected worldwide body. An ISO certificate is like a hearty thumbs up! It says, “Good job! You’re doing things right!” Note, ISO is independent. It’s not government linked and recognized globally.

    Privileges of having ISO certifications in an organization

    Getting ISO certifications brings lasting benefits to a company Benefits include better performance, a stronger reputation, and sustainability over time. 

    Kurdistan’s use of ISO certifications shows their strong dedication to quality, the environment, and safety. They follow universally accepted norms such as ISO 9001, which relates to Quality Management they also adhere to ISO 14001, which centers around Environmental Management, moreover, they honor rules like ISO 45001, which concerns Occupational Health and Safety Management.

     ISO certifications play a key role in Kurdistan’s journey toward sustainable growth and excellence.


    The International Organization for Standardization gives out ISO certifications. These certifications are recognized globally they demonstrate a company’s commitment to achieving specific benchmarks these benchmarks are all about quality assurance, managing the environment, guaranteeing workers’ well-being and safety, overseeing energy, and more.
    ISO certifications can be used by any organization regardless of size or industry its particularly beneficial for organizations that want to improve their quality management systems and customer satisfaction.
    The process includes Gap analysis, Awareness Training, Document support, Internal Audit, MRM and Final audit.
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