ISO Certification in Al Jubail

ISO Certification in Al Jubail

About Al Jubail industrial city: Alubail is a city in the Eastern province on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia, it is home to the largest industrial city in the world, it is also the home to the Middle East’s largest and world’s 4th largest petrochemical company called SABIC, it has the world’s largest IWPP water and power project producing 27436 MW of electricity and 80000 M3 of water daily, Al-Jubail comprises the old town of Al-Jubayl which was a small fishing village until 1975 and the new industrial area Jubal industrial city is the largest civil engineering project in the world. In 1975 the Saudi government designated Al-Jubail as the right place for a new industrial city for rapid industrialisation, and the new industrial and residential areas were named Madinat Al Jubayl. The 2005 census report for Al Jubail industrial City estimates the population at 224430 residents in the town of Al Jubail. The Persian Gulf coast of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ancient roots, human habitation dates back at least 7000 years when the people of Dilmun whose civilization radiated off and down the coast of the Persian Gulf established a settlement there. In September 1933 Al Jubail gained a measure of fame by becoming the landing site for the first team of geologists to explore for oil in Saudi Arabia, it is the world’s largest industrial city established in 1975, it covers 16000 square kilometres and includes industrial complexes, major harbour and port facilities, it contributes to about 7% of Saudi Arabia’s GDP.
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    How does Quality management tools help to improve
    the quality of products in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia:

    let us get an understanding of quality management tools to improve the quality of products and services quality management tools are essential quality management tools help firms collect and analyse data so that employees may better comprehend and interpret data it assists staff in identifying common problems that frequently arise as well as their core causes additionally technologies make data easier to interpret and help staff discover procedures to correct errors and solve specific problems

    Various tools of Quality Management System in Al Jubail

    Let us point out some of them and discuss them as follows


    Six Sigma

     six sigma is a method of providing enterprises with a set of tools to assist them improve their company’s success it is a disciplined data-driven approach and methodology that usually aims to eliminate defects in any process ranging from manufacturing to transactional and product to service in general it means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection

    Pareto chart


    the pareto chart is an analysis tool it is extremely helpful while making decisions based on priorities it is based on the principle that 80 of problems can be solved by eliminating 20 of the causes they stem from this means that with a few corrective actions a large number of deficiencies can be resolved easily this chart is similar to that of a bar chart that is commonly used to identify the key factor or factors in a problem to determine the main cause of a problem to build a method to improve the elements and to ascertain whether the desired effect has been achieved or notecase benefit analysis

    Fishbone diagram

    the fishbone diagram is a cause and effect diagram that usually helps managers to track down the reasons for imperfections variations defects or failures thus it is also called the Ishikawa diagram and fishbone diagram the diagram looks just like a fish’s skeleton hence the name here we write the problem at its head and its causes feeding into the spine once all the causes have been identified managers can start looking for solutions to ensure that the problem is nonrecurring



    kaizen is a Japanese term that means continuous improvement this method mainly focuses on making not so huge but small continuous improvements in order to have a large scale impacting this employee manager relationships are cherished and employees are highly encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions usually kaizen is a technique used to constantly improve every function of the business like the management construction or development departments


    Flow chart

    the process flowchart is nothing but a process visualisation through a flowchart one can create a simple process flowchart by using a pen and paper or using digital platforms one should just include the basic shapes and represent the different staging of the process.



    : Histogram aids quality analysts and management professionals in precisely analysing the many types of data they have on various data groups to establish controls to improve the quality of unprocessed frequency of the data is estimated when a sample is taken and divided into different groups this aids in the discovery of process improvement opportunities the low performing areas appear on the histogram with less frequency allowing quality management professionals to identify and solve the problems core cause the last tool is total quality management total quality management is a business improvement methodology that is best suited for a constantly changing environment



    TQM is a set of processes training methods and instruments that aid in the adaptation to changing consumer expectations many companies are consciously trying to address the changes using TQM having mechanisms in place to quickly and efficiently respond to these customers’ needs now let us go through the last topic of today’s session that is quality management examples the first example is the Coca-Cola company is a famous juice manufacturer they once wanted to improve safe food management by advancing the company’s quality culture so the company created a six sigma team the team started applying the DeMaio temazepam process mapping and many other advanced quality management methodologies soon after this they started using quality management tools like brainstorming and cost effect analysis after implementing all these six sigma strategies the customer complaints reduced gradually by 75 percent in addition the quality index improved from 1991 to 1992 and also the equipment renewal increased by 3 times 


    Lien management

    Lien management the best example is Boeing which is the world’s largest aircraft maker to increase efficiency the company decided to introduce a lien management system manufacturing saw significant success as a result of this shift in the process they established a lean manufacturing approach which allowed Boeing to better control its inventory supply than before Boeing didn’t stop there in the late 1990s they incorporated six sigma into their lean production process Boeing’s resource productivity increased from 30 to 70 as a result of this change lean manufacturing combined with the six sigma approach helps cut costs while also improving customer response times the third 



    The best example is Nokia a well-known business intended to cut down on the expenditures of manual scrutiny in the map-making process so they formed a six sigma team which employed the MSA methodology measurement system analysis quality function deployment of pareto chart affinity diagram multi-voting and a variety of other six sigma techniques by establishing a qualification and inspection process across the firm after defining all of these improvement concepts a potential cost of 2.5 million euros was saved businesses need quality management to assure consistency in their operations as well as their products and services in addition customer satisfaction is crucial in business because the quality of the items or services a client purchases is their first concern the suppliers primary priority should always be to ensure consistent and high-quality what they create thus quality management is a crucial key to modern businesses.


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