ISO 20000-1 Certification in Nigeria

ISO 20000-1 Organization's Service Management System in Nigeria

ISO 20000-1 is a global standard. It lay-down what an organization’s service management system (SMS) needs. It maps out the right way for providing managed services. The aim is to secure top-notch service delivery in IT, be it quality, productivity, or reliability. In Nigeria, many benefits await organizations wanting to better their IT service management methods with ISO 20000-1, and boost customer satisfaction too.

In Nigeria, using ISO 20000-1 can really boost service quality. It helps companies create solid methods for giving services, fixing problems, and keeping things running. This means IT services become more reliable and steady, less glitches and better user experiences. 

Types Of ISO Certification In Nigeria

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    Impact of ISO 20000-1 in Nigeria:

    ISO 20000-1 assists Nigeria based companies to show their strong dedication to quality IT services. Earning this certification illustrates a company’s hard work to meet global service management standards. This can improve the organization’s name, strengthen relationships with customers and shareholders, and give them a leg up in the industry.

    ISO 20000-1 is a major asset for Nigerian companies. It helps shape their IT processes better. This leads to smoother operations and saving costs. Simple, standardized methods and workflows can lessen mistakes and trim down operational costs. So, they can use resources in a better way and focus more on offering quality services to their customers.

    Earning an ISO 20000-1 validation sparks constant growth in companies. It sets a system for watching, judging, and assessing how services perform. Firms can spot parts that need boosting and make changes to spur continuous betterment. This creates an atmosphere that embraces lifelong learning and novelty. It aids businesses in staying on top of things when providing IT services.

    Principles of ISO 20000-1 Standard:

    ISO 20000-1 sets important rules for running service management systems worldwide, including Nigeria. It focuses on strong IT service and meeting both needs and wants of customers. This system is built on some key ideas. Take a look at the main ideas of ISO 20000-1:


    Customer Focus

    ISO 20000-1 stresses the significance of knowing and satisfying customer demands. IT services of organizations in Nigeria should match up to what their customers need and expect, making sure that these services are dispensed both effectively and efficiently.



    Effective guidance is an important key to properly adopting ISO 20000-1. It’s crucial for leaders in Nigerian enterprises to show dedication towards service management. They must also spark an enthusiasm for regularly enhancing operations.

    Engagement of People

    Powerful guidance is critical for effective use of ISO 20000-1. Heads of Nigerian companies need to show dedication to handling services and eagerly encourage an environment of constant betterment.


    Process Approach

    ISO 20000-1 suggests a method based on processes for managing services. Companies in Nigeria must outline, record, and reliably enhance their procedures. The goal is to provide steady and powerful service.



    ISO 20000-1 believes in constant improvement. It’s essential for Nigerian companies to keep a close watch on their service management processes. They should spot any areas that need a little tweaking. Once found, they should make the necessary updates to boost their performance.


    Evidence-based Decision Making

    Service management choices must lean on data and evidence. In Nigeria, companies need to gather, study, and utilize pertinent data. This helps them make wise decisions for enhancing their services.


    Relationship Management

    Creating and keeping good relationships with customers, suppliers, and others pivotal for quality service management. Nigerian organizations must attentively handle these relationships. This way, they align with business goals and customer demands.


    Implementation Process of ISO 20000-1 in Nigeria:

    Implementing ISO 20000-1, the international standard for service management systems, involves several key steps to ensure the effective delivery of IT services while meeting customer requirements. 

    1. Understand Requirements

    Learn ISO 20000-1 standards and See how they sync with your IT service control. 

    2. Conduct Gap Analysis

    Identify variances, See how your current scenario deviates from ISO 20000-1 standards and the areas to enhance.

    3. Develop Implementation Plan

    Create a detailed plan. Map a comprehensive route for ISO 20000-1 approval with tasks, schedules, and assets.

    4. Establish Policies and Procedures

    Craft policies and Frame your IT service control rules in harmony with ISO 20000-1.

    5. Provide Training

    Instruct your employees about ISO 20000-1 necessities and their precise duties.

    6. Implement Processes

    Carry out mandatory IT service control practices, such as dealing with troubles and controlling changes.

    7. Document

    Create and develop your rules and methods fittingly to meet ISO 20000-1 guidelines.

    8. Conduct Internal Audits

    Utilize in-house inspections to scrutinize the efficiency of your IT service control system.

    9. Certification process

    Lastly, achieve accreditation. Complete the certification examination with a recognized entity to attain your ISO 20000-1 certification.

    Benefits of ISO 20000-1 in Nigeria:

    How to Obtain ISO 20000-1 Certification in Nigeria?

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     The ISO 20000-1 Certification shows that a system for managing services sticks to global standards for handling IT services. It proves a company’s promise to give top-notch IT services.

    Businesses that want to improve their IT support systems and show they meet international norms could seriously consider ISO 20000-1 Certification.

    Getting ISO 20000-1 Certification can take different times. It depends on things like how ready your organization is, how complicated your IT service management processes are, and the steps to get certified. It could be just a few days, or maybe even a month.

    Getting the ISO 20000-1 Certification boosts the smoothness and success of managing IT services. It ramps up customer happiness and underlines a dedication to ongoing betterment and top-tier methods in delivering IT services.

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