ISO 22000 certification in Baghdad

ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System in Baghdad with PopularCert

Leading consultants PopularCert offers ISO certification services in Baghdad, Iraq. Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) are specified by ISO 22000, therefore enabling companies across the food chain to guarantee food safety from farm to fork. Organisations trying to show their capacity to control food safety threats and guarantee that food is safe for consumption depend on this standard.

Overview of ISO 22000- Food Safety Management System

Designed to guarantee the safety of food products all along the food supply chain, ISO 22000 is an internationally accepted standard. It incorporates stages created by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and combines the ideas of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system ISO 22000 lays standards for a food safety management system comprising interactive communication, system management, and precondition programmes based on interactive communication, system management.

Types Of ISO Certification In Baghdad

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    Important Elements of ISO 22000

    Importance of ISO 22000 certification for Baghdad Organizations

    Organisations in the food sector in Baghdad must be ISO 22000 certified if they are to guarantee food safety, follow legal regulations, and improve their market image.

    Steps to Get ISO 22000 Certified in Baghdad

    PopularCert guides companies through each stage of the process and offers a complete method for attaining ISO 22000 certification.


    Stage 1: preliminary assessment

    Doing a comprehensive analysis to grasp present food safety policies and point up areas against ISO 22000 standards.

    Stage 2: Planing


    Creating a thorough implementation strategy with particular goals, targets, and deadlines catered to the requirements of your company.
    Stage 3: Documentation
    Helping to create and maintain required documents to satisfy ISO 22000 criteria including records, policies on food safety, and procedures.


    Stage 4: Implementation
    Helping to ensure that recorded procedures are efficiently included into everyday operations and supporting their execution.


    Stage 5: Training
    Providing staff members with training courses on ISO 22000 criteria and their responsibilities in preserving the FSMS helps in step five.


    Stage 6: Internal Reviews
    Internal audits will help to assess FSMS performance and point up areas for development.


    Stage 7: Management Review
    Helping management reviews to evaluate FSMS effectiveness and implement required improvements.


    Stage 8 : Audit of Certification
    Getting ready for the outside certification audit carried out by a qualified certifying authority. We help you through the procedure to guarantee effective certification.


    PopularCert's Method, Cost, and Timelines

    Our Methodologies
    PopularCert’s strategy is catered to fit the particular requirements of every company. Our main emphasis is on providing useful solutions to improve your practices of health and safety management and guarantee compliance with ISO 45001 criteria.
    The size and complexity of the company as well as the certification scope determine how expensive ISO 22000 certification is. PopularCert offers a thorough cost breakdown at the first consultation and competitive rates.
    The degree of preparation of the company and the complexity of its procedures will determine the chronology for reaching ISO 22000 certification. Usually, the certification procedure takes three to twelve months. PopularCert guarantees timely completion of every phase and develops a reasonable schedule working with your company.

    Advantages of ISO 22000 Certificate in Baghdad

    For companies in Baghdad’s food sector, ISO 22000 accreditation has many benefits:

    Why Choose PopularCert

    PopularCert is the best friend for ISO 22000 certification in Baghdad. Here is the reason companies pick us :


    Our specialists are well knowledgeable about ISO 22000 criteria and their implementation in several spheres of the food business.

    Tailored Solutions

    We provide customised solutions to fit the particular requirements of every company, therefore guaranteeing a unique approach to ISO 22000 certification.

    End to end support

    From first evaluation to final certification, PopularCert addresses all facets of the certification process, therefore offering end-to- end assistance.

    Proven Track Rcord

    We have a track record of certifications in several sectors proving our capacity to provide outcomes and support companies in reaching their ISO 22000 certification targets.


    An efficient food safety management system (FSMS) is specified by ISO 22000 certification, which also states It offers companies a structure to control food safety risks, guarantee food product safety, and raise food safety performance.
    The size and complexity of the company as well as current procedures will affect the time needed to get ISO 22000 certification. Between three to twelve months separate the first evaluation from the last certification audit on average.
    Several elements affect the cost of ISO 22000 certification: the size of the company, the degree of certification, and the selected certifying authority. PopularCert provides a comprehensive cost breakdown at the first consultation and competitive prices.
    Indeed, ISO 22000 accreditation will greatly improve a company’s capacity to engage in world trade. It shows respect to globally accepted food safety criteria, therefore facilitating the entrance into new markets and meeting the needs of foreign consumers and partners.
    Usually, ISO 22000 certificates have to be updated every three years. Organisations must, nevertheless, go through yearly surveillance audits to guarantee ongoing compliance with the ISO 22000 criteria. PopularCert offers continuous assistance to enable companies keep their certification.
    Selecting PopularCert for ISO 22000 certification in Baghdad can help your company to be outstanding in operational effectiveness, food safety management, and market competitiveness. Get in touch right now to start your road towards ISO 22000 certification.

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