ISO 14001 certification in Madina

ISO 14001 Certification in Madina

ISO 14001 Environment Management System in Al Madina Al Munawara Industrial City:

The ISO 14001:2015 is a world-known ISO standard in Saudi Arabia and especially for the industries based in Madina industrial city because it helps organizations for managing the environment, known as EMS. An Environment management system is a structure. Businesses use it to help handle how they affect the environment. It helps follow rules and make their work in the environment better. Creating an Environment management system involves several steps. First, you need an environmental policy. Next, identify the environmental factors and their effects. What are your goals and targets? Then, make a plan for managing, tracking, and measuring things. Finally, always review and make the system better.

Types Of ISO Certification In Madina

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    How to implement ISO 14001
    in Madina industrial city following simple steps:

    The ISO 14001 standard is flexible. It’s a handy tool for organizations no matter if they are big or small, type doesn’t matter. Whether the environment feels a little or a lot of their impact, this works. It’s a practical blueprint. Organizations use it to manage how they impact the environment. They cut environmental risks. Also, they show stakeholders they’re seriously dedicated to being sustainable. ISO 14001 sets up a structured process. That process is used to create an EMS. There are a few important steps to consider
    Step one:

    Businesses should craft an eco-conscious policy. They need to devise a plan promoting sustainability. This plan should portray their commitment to protecting our planet. It’s crucial that every member of the team, along with our partners, understands and embraces it.

    Step two:
    Teams should determine the influence of their factory workings on our world. Essentially, identifying how their deeds, products, and offered services impact the environment. It’s also vital to comprehend the potential effects these can cause on our natural world.
    Step three:

    Once companies understand the terrain and its impacts, they should establish solid, measurable green targets. These goals need to be clear, within reach, relevant and time-bound.

    Step four:

    First, companies must set their objectives. Then, they should plan checks on operations. Plus, they need to set up assessment and monitoring systems. This helps to confirm they are achieving their aims and objectives.

    Step five:

    Firms should continuously review their EMS. This implies conducting regular audits, confirming the EMS is still valuable, and implementing necessary modifications or enhancements. 

    Clause structure of ISO 14001 in Madina, Saudi Arabia

    The main Clause of ISO 14001:2015 in Madina apart from its scope normative references and terms and definitions, the main Clauses of ISO 14001:2015 can be listed as:

    context of the organization, leadership planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and Improvement. 

    Environment policy according to ISO 14001 in Madina

    An environment policy must:
    • Be specific to the organization
    • Commit to comply with specific legislations and industry standards and guidelines
    • Commitment to continual improvement
    • Commitment to establishing and regularly reviewing environmental objectives and targets
    • Be truthful and not misleading
    • Backed by the EMS
    • Written to the audience, customers and stakeholders.
    An environment policy will establish:
    • A description of “why the company exists”, what does it do, and how it performs key activities
    • A goal of where it aims to sit in comparison with others in the market

    Key performance indicators (KPI) of environment management system:

    Lead indicators:
    also known as process indicators for example number of people trained, procedures that have been developed, measures that have been implemented etc.

    Lag indicators:
    means result indicators, for example emissions released, waste volumes, legislative breaches etc.

    It is important to have a mix of both lead and lag indicators

    Monitoring and Auditing in ISO 14001:

    Monitoring: monitoring is the assessment of performance through the gathering analysis and interpretation of data. For example, monitoring of water, quality, dust emissions, noise levels and waste generations.

    Auditing: auditing is the systematic review of process, procedures and results of monitoring to determine levels of conformance against a predetermined set of criteria. Is your system. Working meeting its intended outcome? monitoring and auditing track the progress towards an established set of objectives and enable smart decisions to be made before they become critical.

    Challenges while implementing ISO 14001 in Madina:

    • Monitoring short falls, lack of clearly defined outcomes like why are you monitoring? Why do you want to measure? Are you wasting resources and or falling short of stakeholder’s expectations, collecting data, but not using it.
    • Failing to use the feedback for continual improvement (dysfunctional feedback, loops)
    • Narrow or exclusive performance measures
    • Failing to clearly articulate purpose, scope, context and findings
    • lack of flexibility and regular review with the intent of improvement
    • lack of or inadequate baseline data being established at the onset, not recording local observations and change in the environment operation which may explain variance is in the data set or Trends,
    • lack of data, quality, control and recorded changes to monitoring process, equipment or circumstances only monitoring in accordance with regulatory requirements instead of what may be necessary to enable the early identification of change or that specific cause of that change
    • fail to incorporate accurate monitoring findings into lessons. Learnt processes are continuous improvement.

    Conclusion: Overall organizational level improvement is possible if you implement and get certified for ISO 14001 in Madina industrial city, Popularcert is one of the leading ISO consultant in the region which can assist you from beginning until you get certified.

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