ISO 9001 in Madina

ISO 9001 certification in ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) in Al Madina Al Munawara Industrial City:

What is ISO 9001:2015?

The ISO 9001 is a global standard from ISO that defines the “Quality Management System” requirements. It provides guidelines that assist in managing business practices effectively to persistently satisfy customers. This rule standardizes your methods and supports ongoing business process enhancements. Any organization, big or small, and in any industry can use it. Millions of companies and groups in more than 170 countries have ISO 9001 certifications.

A Quality Management System is a blend of company routines, guidelines, and steps. It aims to consistently meet customer needs and boost the satisfaction of everyone involved.

QMS in Saudi Arabia holds global recognition and acceptance, and organizations incorporate it as a key part of ongoing growth. It’s important to note that QMS is a “Documented System,” and not merely a “System of Documents.”

“Quality” and “customer needs” are terms left vague purposefully; it’s up to each company to outline their specific objectives. Always aim for better, strive to tweak and enhance your methods, so these targets are met. ISO 9001, a one size fits all model, works for all organizations regardless of size, sector. Even small firms, where there’s no specific quality team, can reap the rewards of applying this standard.  

Types Of ISO Certification In Madina

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    Need a reason to get ISO 9001 certified in Madina Al Munawara industrial city?

    Risk Management System is a boon in ISO 9001:

    ISO’s management system standards introduce us to risk management. It asks organizations to spot possible threats from inside or outside. These threats could affect their products or services. Next, it’s time to analyse these risks. They also need to be sorted based on how likely they are to happen and the effect on the business. High priority risks get a proper plan to deal with them. So, what is risk anyway? Anything that could stop a goal from being reached. Let’s make it even easier to understand. We’ll break down the term Risk management system into two parts.


    A situation poised to potentially bring harm. Risk represents an unchecked possible loss of something of importance.

    Management System

    Management system is a blend of business policies, business processes and business procedures intended to achieve business goals.
    We learn that a risk management system, for any organization, is about using a structured management approach. It’s to pinpoint all possible threats or hazards that could challenge their operations and tackle them systematically.

    Features and Benefits

    Features and Benefits of Having Risk Management System in Madina Al Munawara Industrial City


    Risk Management System is a genuine and unique concept which has been used in Six Sigma and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) 


    Helps to ascertain the current risk exposure and analyses previous examples to mitigate the current risks


    • Helps the stake holders to develop consistent plans for mitigation of possible threats which can deviate the organizations from achieving their objectives


    Turns identified risks into measurable values. This helps organizations rank risks, increase awareness, assign responsibility, and create action plans.


    Helps to determine monitoring procedures and severity of the risks


    When a company puts a Risk Manage­ment System into play correctly, precautionary steps naturally fall into place. The right steps in managing risks can guide a firm in identifying lingering risks.

    Risk based thinking in Madina:

    Thinking about risks is a way business can plan ahead. Instead of just reacting when problems arise, they can anticipate and prepare. This planning tool also steers organizations away from negative outcomes and towards constant progress.

    How can the organizations in Al Madina Al Munawara adapt Risk based thinking?

    How to prepare risk register and
    record business risks in Madina?

    There’s no set layout given by any ISO management system for creating a risk register. Many groups and industry pros use their unique designs. Risk registers can take the form of a basic spreadsheet. Here’s what you’ll usually find in one:



    Once finished, the risk register becomes part of the company’s daily routine. It’s important to insert dates too. The dates needed are the original date that the risk register was prepared, as well as any revision and amendment dates.


    Narration of the risk

    This is just a brief description about the nature of risk

    Type of Hazard

    The organization must sort risks. This involves checking project type, department, process, locale, whether it’s internal or external, and if it’s related to statutory or legal concerns.


    Frequency of occurrence

    The company needs to remember past patterns and figure out how often the danger might pop up, considering their situation. They must label the possibility as big, average, or small.


    Impact or severity

    The company must point out zones that may be hit if the danger happens. This outlines how tough the outcome could be. This might be a number measure. The group can then take the chance or how often it happens and figure out the risk score.


    Mitigation Plan

    The control measure needs to be stated here. The mitigation plan is simply a strategy to manage the risk. It’s about creating suitable protective steps to handle the risk and its related dangers.



    The organization when planning the mitigations or control measures have to assign the responsibility and accountability to the department / process owners. 


    Residual Risk

    Even with good control me­thods, there’s always a bit of risk. But, if you’re smart about it, you can shrink those­ risks. Each group must choose the leftove­r risks carefully. They must use the­ right ways to lessen them.


    The basic rule of Risk Management System says, “The­ group should either get rid of the­ dangers, lower the risk, or pass it on.

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