ISO 14001 Certification in
Al Jubail industrial city

ISO 14001 in Al Jubail industrial city

ISO 14001:2015 is an international standard for the requirements of an environmental management system, it’s been developed by the International Organization for Standardization and  it’s been adopted by more than 300,000 companies globally and it’s used as a basis for third-party and accredited certification. 

ISO 14001 is a  part of an organisation’s management system used to develop and implement its environmental policies and manage its environmental aspects, that’s the key area and about aspects and impacts, we effectively are meaning hazards and risks it’s just the terminology that’s used in the environmental world so an EMS there’s a demonstrable system to direct and control an organisation

With regards to the environment, so understanding what your needs and expectations are by an organisation and demonstrating that what your company does to minimise the harmful effects on the environment caused by the activities that your organisation undertake and this includes also down through the supply chain another sub contracts or partners that you make what worth of course, it’s got to be able to demonstrate compliance which is to conform to applicable regulatory and legal requirements you want to reduce and manage your environmental risks as much as you can.  

Types Of ISO Certification In Al Jubail industrial city

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    About the structure of ISO 14001

    It is a high level structure which follows down annex SL structure and its ability is to enhance the consistency and alignment with these different standards so if you have systems to meet the requirements of these other standards then it’s strongly suggested that you integrate them and operate them together because there are many elements of them where the requirements are identical or very similar so as of December 2018 more than 10000 companies in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia had been certified ISO 14001 with companies in over a 138 countries having four hundred thousand certificates taken up certification and many more that follow the requirements but do not go down in the certification route. 

    The importance and benefits of ISO 14001 certification in Al Jubail Industrial City:

    The standard itself emphasises environmental awareness globally and we see it regularly in the press and social media inside Saudi Arabia we can see this requirement growing at 10 percent year-on-year and this we expect to continue for quite some time. 

    The benefits of an environmental management system are as follows:

    • It helps to improve your management of your environmental impacts the impacts your organisation the people working within and the equipment you use on the environment you want to set targets to reduce your energy use your water use your waste that goes to landfill and you want to initiate and maintain procedures to improve your efficiency 
    • If you use a quality approach to drive continual improvement then you can take a bench level understanding of what your energy use water use and waste to landfill is and you can drive improvement programs to be in that place where you’re driving maybe ten percent or five percent improvement year on year ideally what it does is gives you a focus to use less invasive chemicals as well that will not be harmful to the environment take a risk management approach to environmental incidents so understand where your risks are and the potential for incidents and put a proactive approach in place and how they will be managed.
    • Work with contractors to ensure your expectations are driven down through your supply chain if you heavily use subcontractors or contractors within your organisation whether that be working alongside supplying you with products or you subcontract services is possible that the greatest weakness and your environment to impact maybe your subcontractors and contractors and therefore once you have a mature system in place you want to pass that requirement down through your supply chain and of course may be using preferred business travel options is another thing that we could benefit from this 
    • More people working from home more people undertaking video conferencing etc key elements here as well as about identifying the key responsibilities for achieving your targets you know the days are gone of have an environmental management system that was a responsibility of environmental advisor the site in a folder on a shelf and was reviewed a couple of times a year when an auditor came to town that’s not what these systems and about know they’re about passing responsibility all through the organisation so that across the business you can try and achieve these targets by doing that you can promote a culture of environmental awareness among all your staff and contractors to encourage a good adoption of the system but also gain knowledge on improvement areas because often the people that are undertaking the work and undertaking the tasks they can provide you with some of the additional improvement areas that may be achievable
    • The benefits also are about monitoring and measuring your environmental performance against key indicators you have to have targets in place and you have to have a bench line that you try and achieve beyond that and of course you must regularly assess your progress towards achieving those targets of course there are environmental legal requirements that all organisations must comply with depending upon your business some of them may be very small level in terms of your energy use and your waste whereas others may be in the petrochemical industry for example or organisations that handle waste.

    How to implement ISO 14001 environmental management system standard in your company in Al Jubail Industrial City

    ISO 14001 assists you to set your policy and planning to achieve your objectives associated to be implemented all the way down through your organisational, through your operational activities and they have to be regularly checked, they have to be checked regularly to see that you are meeting those objectives and that no additional risks or harm to the environment has been implemented for different activities that you are involved in.

    Commitment from management

    Checking and monitoring process should be passed up through into a management review structure that then should get commitment to drive improvement, these systems are all about improvement they’re not about just stand storing systems are the way we always work, everything changes within business and regularly things happen in an emergency situation or a last-minute situation or new type of contract whatever comes in or a new type of supplied material needs to be used in your manufacturing facility so there are always changes and worth change there’s the ability to drive improvement 

    Follow PDCA cycle

    The method of how these areas of improvement can come from using what we call PDCA Compliance (Plan-do-check-act),  now this comes back way back into the sixties period with Tokyo and the Toyota Motor Company, PDCA is very simple very fundamental way of explaining how you can continually improve operations within your business this methodology can be used in a single area within your business or all across your business effectively what we’re looking at is we’re looking at planning what it is that we are trying to do whether that be just a straightforward business activity or something new that’s coming in.

    • Planning stage: when we plan to do these activities we have to understands part of our planning what the needs and expectations are other interested parties and we mean from that our suppliers legal requirements or contractual customer requirements and of course we must understand any 10 external issues associated to our business operations these could be things that are dictated to us from the environmental agency or SASO or they may be very much associated to the industry or the local authority requirements we work in. 

    • Do: when we plan what we’re going to do we need to understand what these activities are expectations on us and of course with that we have to put in the necessary support in order to achieve what we want to achieve so these are the people these are the equipment the tools the supply chain in order for us to achieve what we’re planning to achieve and obviously these are driven down into operational activities which is whatever it is within our organisation that we undertake to sell our services sell our products and based on these activities what we were planning to achieve we want 

    • Check: to know if what we have achieved so this why we have what’s called performance evaluation, this is the checking part so the see of the Picasso let’s check that what we plan to do we have actually done within our support and operations 

    • Act: based on the checking that we’ve done let’s act on that where there is room for improvement where we’ve identified error where we’ve identified good activity let’s act on it and let’s drive improvement and therefore when we get round to the next planning phase, we see that we have taken improvement areas to derive improvement.

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