ISO 17025 Certification in Sohar

Why do companies in Salalah need ISO 17025 Certification?

ISO 17025 is a quality management standard for testing and calibration laboratories, it specifies the requirements to maintain and develop a quality management system in the laboratory.

The goal of ISO 17025 is to ensure that a laboratory’s performance and results are reliable and valid. ISO 17025 certification is a validation indicating that an organization has implemented a QMS and complies with the requirements of ISO 17025. This certification ensures that laboratories are following best practices in their work and are competent in their field to provide accurate results. ISO 17025 certification is important because it evaluates the technical competence of laboratories, this certification provides assurance to customers that the lab is competent and provides accurate results.

Additionally it sets a global standard for quality and laboratory work. ISO 17025 certification is beneficial because it shows that your laboratory is competent and reliable. This certification can help with marketing and recruiting efforts as well as improve customer satisfaction. Additionally it can lead to increased productivity and efficiency of laboratory operations. Any organization that provides laboratory testing or calibration services can apply for ISO 17025 certification.

Types Of ISO Certification In Sohar

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    Principal Features of ISO 17025

    How to become certified as an ISO 17025 practitioner

    Achieving ISO 17025 certification involves a systematic approach which verifies that a testing & calibration laboratory satisfies the standards’ requirement for technical expertise & quality assurance This sets out the way forward. 


    Understanding ISO 17025 Needs

    Get familiarized with the ISO 17025 standard as well as its specifics concerning testing labs like their meanings, vocabularies, general plus structural resources, process and system management requirements! 


    Pre-Assessment and Gap Analysis
    To evaluate if your laboratory complies with ISO 17025 needs and where it has holes that need to be patched or rectified, carry out a before-assessment and hole analysis. This will assist you in creating a plan on how to attain compliance.


    Set up a Quality Handling System (QHS)
    Create and set up a Quality Handling System (QHS) that meets the ISO 17025 criteria. This involves establishing regulations, ways, frameworks to ensure dependable and consistent testing and calibration processes.


    Make records of calibration and testing results, work instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and quality manuals for your QMS documentation; ensure that such documentation can be obtained easily, kept current, regulated and protected against unauthorized changes.


    Training and Competence
    Offer training to the lab staff in order for them to acquire skills necessary for conducting their assignments competently; this should include the operation of equipment as well as testing/calibration approaches in accordance with ISO 17025 requirements plus quality procedures .


    Internal audit
    Test your QMS internally to ensure compliance with ISO 17025 standards before identifying discrepancies that need to be addressed. This is to ensure that the organization is compliant and changes over time.


    Performance Evaluation
    Conduct management evaluations of your QMS to assess its effectiveness, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure alignment with organizational objectives. Regular operational reviews are needed to ensure that the QMS continues to be used, validated and effective.


    Choose an approved certification organization
    Choose an approved certification organization that offers ISO 17025 certification services. Make sure the certificate authority is well known and respected professionally to ensure your certificate is authentic and acceptable.


    Certification Audit
    Conduct certification audit by designated certification authority. The audit will verify your laboratory’s compliance with ISO 17025 requirements and verify the effectiveness of your QMS. Be prepared to present evidence of compliance, answer auditor questions, and address any findings or discrepancies identified during the audit.


    Verified and documented
    If the certification audit finds any non-conformities, they should be processed by implementing corrections instantly. In order to prove that non-compliances have been resolved, corrective actions need to be effective, verified and documented.


    Obtain ISO 17025 Certification
    Once your certification audit is over and all non-conformities have been rectified, you will receive an ISO 17025 certification from the certification body. This certification will show customers, stakeholders and regulatory authorities that your laboratory is technically competent and committed to quality. By following these steps in a systematic and diligent manner your lab can achieve ISO 17025 certification thus improving its trustworthiness as well as credibility of work it does and competitiveness in the marketplace.
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    An international standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

    Exhibits technical proficiency and assurance of quality.

    Timelines vary depending on the laboratory’s preparation and certifying body’s process.

    Yes, we are a qualified ISO certification consultancy.

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