ISO 14001 in certification in Muscat

ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS) in Muscat

About the climate of Muscat city, Sultanate of Oman:

Oman is close to the Persian Gulf bordered by 3 gulf countries which are UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The country is divided into 11 governorates and the largest city is Muscat and this is the capital city located in the north-east.  It also holds the largest airport which is called Muscat international. Muscat is quite different from all the other Gulf cities and is often called the last bastion of unspoiled Arabia, traditional architecture is heavily cherished and protected.

Oman experiences a dry, subtropical climate. It gets monsoons in the summer and is often hot and windy. Northern parts see temperatures averaging between 10°C and 12°C, with southern areas a little warmer, about 16°C to 18°C. Rainfall differs too. In the North, it’s typically 150 mm to 300 mm annually. In the South, they get only 50 mm to 150 mm each year. Oman has weathered tropical depressions, cyclonic storms, and even severe cyclonic storms. These storms usually roll in from the North Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. They’re most common before the monsoon season in May to June, and after, in October to November.

Types Of ISO Certification In Muscat

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    What is environment? And what is environment management system?

    Environment is a word derived from French language which is “Environner”.  Environment is nothing but our surroundings, meaning that it is a combination of all the living and non-living things around us. Environment can also be defined as external surroundings and conditions which directly or indirectly affects the living organisms. Environment is the sum total of air, water and land. The interrelationship among themselves with human beings and other living beings and other living organisms. 

    Designing and developing an effective management system with the help of efficient policies, procedures, monitoring, measuring and involvement of people in order to protect the environment is called as environment management system.

    What does Muscat have to do with the environment management system?

    The sultanate of Oman has strong roots and believe protecting the environment is the basic necessity of the country. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) in Oman has a big job. They protect the environment of Oman and save natural resources. They aim to do this at their best level. They also make sure that the people have everything they need. High-quality services are important to see sustainable development happening in the country. 

    The Sultani Decree Number 114 of 2001 talks about the environment under Article­ 1. This “Law” says our environment is where people, animals, plants live—it includes the air we breathe, water, earth, and all kinds of substances, whether solid, liquid or gas. It even factors in materials that could be harmful, like radioactive materials! Not only that, but our made-up environments are part of it too, like stationary buildings or moving objects. But what about protecting these elements? That’s covered too! The Law ensures that we preserve and prevent harm to our environment, keep its naturally balanced systems healthy, and limit pollution. Safeguarding natural resources is important as is reasonable use of these resources. We also have a duty to protect all living beings, especially those that are rare or at risk. If we don’t, it results in harm to our environment. This harm affects its quality, functionality and ability to thrive. It’s not always obvious, but multiple things can be a source of pollution. For example, solid, liquid or gaseous substances, fumes, Odors, noises, radiation, heat, or vibrations can all hurt the environment either directly or indirectly.

    Why to have an effective ISO 14001 environment management system in Muscat?

    How the ISO 14001 certification help
    the organizations of Muscat?

    Boosting clean, top-notch environments; Use resources wisely and invest smartly, enhancing payoff; Tap into renewable energy, vary our energy sources, and consume sensibly for energy steadiness; A green, circular economy that matches our national needs and keeps up with the world; And up our environmental savvy in a way that makes being eco-friendly and producing sustainably just part of how we live.

    Once Sultani Decrees ratify international agreements and conventions, they become law. The Paris Climate Accord was accepted by Oman on 22 April 2016, and it was ratified on 22 May 2019. Before this, MECA had established goals to cut down carbon emissions in the Sultanate. The contributions to lessen these included cutting down gas flaring in the oil sector, increasing focus on renewable energy, boosting energy efficiency in industries, crafting new rules around climate change to foster the use of low carbon and energy-efficient technologies. The aim was to reach these goals between 2020 and 2030. The Omani Vision 2040 lays out the country’s future plan for overcoming past environmental challenges. It highlights the need for a robust ecosystem in Oman that guards the environment and supports the development of new, greener structures. This includes encouraging growth within the green sector as well as the production of renewable energy sources. The aim here is to uphold environmental sustainability within Oman. 

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