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ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System in Riyadh

Brief About ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 is an internationally recognized standard published by the international standardization organization. ISO 45001 sets requirements for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Health and Safety hazards and risks are present in all human activities, particularly in the workplace where we spend a significant amount of our lives. Detecting these hazards and risks, implementing safe work practices and raising awareness can be life-saving. An Occupational Health and Safety Management System is a structured and formalized framework that consists of health and safety policies, systems, procedures, processes and records. It involves incorporating the organization’s health and safety activities and program into other business processes, implementing an effective OHS management system. It enables for the continual detection of hazards and mitigation of risks within the workplace. Foreign occupational health and safety programs are widely implemented in all Industries especially in high-risk industries such as construction, mining and quarrying, shipbuilding, health services etc. An Occupational Health and Safety Management System’s main goal is to prevent occupational illnesses, diseases and injuries and their associated consequences such as death, low productivity, reputational damage, penalties and so on. Additional objectives of Occupational Health and Safety are setting employee health as a priority, promoting a safe and healthy workplace environment, and protecting the general public from being affected by the workplace.
Types Of ISO Certification In Riyadh

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    ISO standards structure has High level structure OHS Management systems are based on the following key principles

    Process of ISO 45001 in Riyadh:

    The process of obtaining ISO 45001 certification in Riyadh involves several key steps:

    1. Gap Analysis

    In this process, the ISO lead auditor will access your current organization’s process and activities. Identifying areas where you align with the standard and where you need to step it up. Once you recognize these areas, they will form a fixing plan.

    2. Develop Documentation

    Ensure that your Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is documented according to ISO 45001 guidelines. Documents consist of policies, objectives, procedures, job steps, and records. Review and refresh these documents often as a result of smooth implementation of ISO requirements. Everyone should grasp what the OHSMS asks for and expects. Conducting regular audits of the OHSMS is crucial to ensure that you consistently meet the safety standards.

    3. Implement OHSMS

    It's crucial for groups to put OHSMS into action efficiently. Routinely check an OHSMS to make sure it's working. Notify your employees about any changes. They should have a say in making improvements. Be sure to record any changes and go over them regularly so the OHSMS remains fitting.

    4. Training

    Provide coaching to your team on ISO 45001 rules. Teach them about the standard operating system on OHSMS. They must know these guidelines through and through. This knowledge helps in creating and maintaining OHSMS in the organization. It also makes sure they perform required steps correctly.

    5. Internal Audit

    Determine the effectiveness of the OHSMS through internal audits after the successful implementation of the OHSMS. Identify and rectify any non-conformity with the help of the Lead Auditor. Implement corrective measures and document the results. Communicate the outcomes of the fixes to the relevant staff and also with stakeholders. Regularly monitor the effectiveness of the corrective actions.

    6. Management Review

    Approach the effectiveness of the OHSMS through management reviews after your internal audit report. Analyze audit findings, corrective actions, and areas for improvement if it is required in the organization. Take appropriate actions following the review. Monitor and evaluate the OHSMS's alignment with organizational goals and Report findings to senior management to take the corrective action.

    7. External Audit

    An external certification body will conduct an audit of your OHSMS after your completion of internal audit. Typically, this assessment is divided into two stages of auditing: one for document verification and another for an on-site evaluation. The audit will identify any non-conformity and recommend necessary changes based on your internal audit report. After addressing these issues, your organization must submit a report to the certification body, who will then decide whether to issue the ISO 45001 certificate or to undergo external auditing again.

    8. Certification Issuance

    Upon successful completion of your external auditing, the certification body will provide you with ISO 45001 certification. Conducting Surveillance audits annually throughout the certification period to ensure changes in standard clauses and to keep update with the ISO standards requirements.

    9. Continuous Improvement

    For having a better result in your organization, regularly assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your OHSMS. Implement corrective actions and process improvements to enhance the OHSMS's performance of the OHSMS in your organization.

    By implementing ISO 45001, organizations gain a number of benefits.
    Some of them are listed below:

    ISO 45001 of 2018 is a certifiable standard the certification of an organization according to ISO 45001 demonstrates its commitment to workplace


    Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems audit and certification verifies that the company meets the necessary requirements of ISO 45001 standard and can add valuable input to the processes of each business. ISO 45001 is carried out by accredited certification bodies which employ qualified auditors who have knowledge of the standard as well as technical understanding of the industry. 

    ISO 45001 certification may be set as a prerequisite for supplier approval, suppliers who are ISO certified minimize the risk of work-related injuries and increase confidence. Additionally, in many industrial tenders, certification is a legal contractual requirement. All the requirements of ISO 45001 are generic and can be used by any organization, regardless of size and field of activity. Make sure the necessary Safety Management System policies and procedures are in place and implemented effectively.

    The process of obtaining ISO 45001 in Riyadh can be summarized as follows:

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    Frequently Asked Questions about ISO 45001 in Saudi Arabia

    There is a global standard for workplace health and safety management systems called ISO 45001, which emphasizes the reduced risks, the safety of employees, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Set objectives, implement controls, train the team, conduct checks, and pursue certification after implementing ISO 45001, conducting evaluations, establishing an OHSMS, and establishing an OHSMS.

    As a result, safer workplaces, legal compliance, effective risk management, and enhanced reputation are all benefits

    In Riyadh, Popularcert provides assessments, documentation, training, implementation, and reviews to support organizations throughout the certification process.

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