ISO 14001 Certification in KAFD.

ISO 14001:2015 in King Abdullah Financial District:

The first things it’s mentioned about 14001 and really the majority of the ISO certification standards these are what clauses starts generic standards so they can be applied to any organization of any size whether they are manufacturing, distributing, a service organization and in any sector at all you can be a private business or you could be a government organization it doesn’t really matter the generic standard is written in such a way it tells you what the requirements are but does not tell you how you apply your business practices to meet those requirements this is because every organization is a little bit different and in some way it must interpret how you meet those requirements of standards yourself of course your risks your environmental aspects and impacts are going to be different depending on the organization so therefore the generic standard is built around what’s expected of you but you have to identify how you apply them based on these aspects and impacts and there’s

Muchmore flexibility in the 2015 version of the standard there’s a decreased emphasis on documentation which is good there’s an increased emphasis on achieving value for the organization and its customers and as an increased emphasis on risk management to achieve your objectives.

The origin ISO 14001 was developed in response to environmental problems that the world face today it was first published in1996 and the latest version came out in2015 in September it takes a basis from what was first developed and enhanced in 2004 but it provides a much greater emphasis on risk and what’s classed as a process approach and like the origin of number of the newer eyes of standards it uses something called annex a SL assist platform and how it was created and this allows for a much greater ability to integrate the your environmental management system with for example your health and safety management system toys 45 thousand and 1 or your quality management system to ISO 9001.

Types Of ISO Certification In King Abdullah Financial District

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    The benefits of implementing ISO 14001 certification in KAFD

    Fulfils legal requirements:
    Your legal requirements will be accomplished and that’s the reason why because this is a generic standard and it must be built around your legal and risks associated to your business it may have assessed you with environmental reporting so there may be environmental reporting that you have to give to authorities and of course there are government policy which are communicated to industry in communities
    Cost saving

    One of the key things that we would say to many organizations that kind of look at environmental management and see it as accost to their business a properly implemented environmental management system should actually achieve cost savings rather than driving many things to waste it gives you the ability to recycle and reuse

    Helps to understand your environment aspects and impacts in King Abdullah Financial District:

    Various interior actions of an EMS system is important to understand the structure and how they come together, there’s a termination of your significant environmental aspects so as mentioned every organization is different so each company has to determine what their environmental aspects are and of course there’s a requirement aligned to that with your legal and other requirements so these may be industry guidelines and distrait requirements of legal obligations or even contract obligations driven down from your contract your framework. 

    Fulfil customer requirement

    Your customer and these should drive you to implement an environmental policy to set the scene or what’s expected of your organization and from that policy should come your objectives and targets you will have our control in which your operations should be able to demonstrate control over your environmental actions you will also potentially have a number of programs and plans in place possibly change management and development these should be monitored and measured on a regular basis to see how well you’re performing and of course all organizations who implement an environmental management system must be able to demonstrate that they have emergency preparedness and response in place.

    Preparation during environment emergency

    In an environmental emergency so that you can demonstrate and test these plans to ensure that when that is an emergency if there is you have the capability to put it in place and based on these monitoring and measuring activities we want to drive improvement and this is driven through a corrective and preventative actions and of course part of that comes from our ongoing auditing and evaluation of compliance that we have in place there’s whole bunch of supporting activities are required to ensure that an environmental management system works because importantly for any of these systems to work effectively they have to be implemented well across the business so it has to be good communication through an organization

    How to determine scope of ISO 14001

    Determining the scope of the system during the initial phase which will continually develop throughout the life cycle of your EMS, so developing appropriate documentation, assigning responsibilities in order to ensure that the relevant issues are managed effectively and they have to have a procedure of monitoring and checking to ensure the system is working efficiently and effectively to meet those requirements and we have to take appropriate measures to rectify any shortfalls and updating where the soft constants is change or incidents of findings need actions to be taken on them.

    Key elements of ISO 14001 in KAFD

    There are a number of key elements that’s absolutely required within an EMS 


    Having a policy statement

    A commitment from senior management showcasing your willingness to protect and achieve your organizational environmental objectives, your organization must identify the significant environmental aspects and your environmental impacts, as effectively the environmental hazards which is a terminology that’s used in the environmental world and you want to develop your objectives and targets what you’re actually trying to do with this environmental management system.

    Don’t focus only on certification

     If all you’re trying to do is achieve certification then actually your level of expectation is quite low because achieving certification is actually quite simple to achieve but if you ‘reinvesting time and effort into your environmental management system why not get something in return, get a return on investment not just a certificate so develop objectives and targets to try and drive change try and drive improvement implementation plan to meet those objectives and targets train and develop competence within your organization whether that’s through awareness and communication or coaching 


    Effective management review

    You must have a commitment of Management reviewing that how well your performances and how well you’re achieving and of course driving improvement from that


    Clauses of ISO 14001:2015 in KAFD

    Clause 4 the context of the organization

    The context of the organization is about understanding what are the needs and expectations from your interested parties in association to environmental aspects and impacts and of course developing what your environmental management system will look like.

    Clause 5 Leadership

    : Clause five looks for leadership commitment so this is how the leadership will show their commitment by putting their policy in place by showing their commitment through adopting organizational roles responsibilities and authorities and of course what we mean by that is not necessarily that they are appointing or hiring an environmental advisor, it could be that they are giving these rules and responsibilities to others in the organization that want to commit and work with the business to achieve this environmental improvement.

    Clause 6 Planning
    Clause 6 which is your planning activities so this is the actions that you take to address your organization’s risks and opportunities so what are you environment two aspects looking down through your supply chain in terms of services and products you receive looking inside your organization about the efficiencies that you have in your business the energy that you use the fuel that’s consumed looking at ways and means of maybe doing things a little bit more efficiently using greener products so understanding your environment two aspects is the first area around the planning and of course you have compliance obligations so you need to understand what are your legal requirements, some of those requirements will be very minimal to certain organizations compared to others so if you’re an office based environment then your requirements around environmental management will be much less in terms of if you are a manufacturing organization or even a service organization that generates significant waste.
    Clause 7 Support

    Clause seven is all about support so what do we need in our organization to ensure that we can function correctly and ensure that we can develop those planning elements around our environmental management system so of course we need resources we need equipment we need our people we need two vehicles we need tools we may even need people in our supply chain to assist using how we are going to achieve our environmental planning activities we need competence within our business or we need to hire competence in inappropriate then need awareness within our business so that people understand what it is that we are trying to achieve we need to have good communication we need to be able to communicate well within our organization but of course we have to consider what communication we have to give externally it may be that we have to report on certain environmental performance to the PDO or MEA it may be that we have to provide and get certificates of meeting certain requirements from our local authority and of course part of the support area and clause 7 is a documented management system it’s required as part of the system to support how we achieve what we are trying to achieve so we’ve got our general EMS system that’s put in place we’ve got any new documents that need to be created and documents that need to be updated where we see improvement

    Clause 8 Operations

    Clause 8 is operations and the things that you actually do so it’s the planning and control of the product you produce the services you provide and of course not forgetting we must have in place emergency preparedness and response, now a little bit late looking at the environment aspects and impacts and risks within your business your organization’s environmental emergency preparedness may be quite low it may be that you are in an office building and your significant emergency preparedness is much more associated to fire for example rather than environment to emergency but if you’re an organization where actually you are having a greater impact on the environment then there is a strong possibility that something could go wrong so understanding those emergency situations if they could occur and how you will prepare and respond to them 

    Clause 9 Performance evaluation
    clause nine is performance evaluations, monitoring, measure, analysis and evaluation of performance. The environmental management system where we have potential weaknesses that come up up to you from your monitoring and measurement analysing and evaluating then you can look to drive improvement based on these potential weaknesses as well as your performance evaluation associated to your general environment to management system we have to also be able to understand how you evaluate your compliance to your environmental legal requirements so there are a number of these things in place and depending again upon the structure of your business and the services and products that you provide then your compliance requirements which have been identified already and cause sex you have to evaluate are you meeting those compliance requirements are you achieving them and how is it you are achieving them and part of that may bedriven through your internal audit program where you have a product program that looks at your obligations your objectives your operational activities looking at your management of your aspects and impacts but also looking at your legal compliance requirements at the end of clause name is really about the management review so it’s based on the performance evaluation activities that you’ve done and really escalating that up to management to show them how well the organization has performed or how well it has not performed and ideally looking at areas where you could improve
    Clause 10 Improvement
    Generally just looking for improvements throughout the organization or actually driving improvements where non-conformities have cut or significant risk has come about so where there have been issues where that have been significant waste or environmental impact what have we done to address that and importantly have we put effective corrective actions in place and of course there’s any good improvement system there should also be a drive for continual improvement this may be around observation systems observation counts where people can report and potentially bring to the table potential other improvements that may not be getting discussed at that time so we get into the policy statement itself there this is really the management’s declaration of commitment to the environment so what is it they’re trying to do so they have to be able to demonstrate that they commit to their compliance requirements they have to be able to commit that they prevent commit to a prevention of pollution and incidents and commit to a continual improvement program.

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